Sending Texts Is Still Social Media Marketing

The vast majority of your customers have one thing in common: a cell phone. And those cell phones can all send and receive text messages.

Even if your guests are coming in from overseas and decide not to opt for a larger plan from their provider, they will likely get a pre-paid cell phone to keep in touch with their friends and family members while in the United States.

There are many services available for mass texting, however only a handful of them offer the metrics needed to conduct actual, viable marketing. When a property signs up for a texting service, they’ll be assigned a “short code” – a short, usually easy to remember number. They’ll also be able to use a keyword to categorize their groups. For example, the Restful Inn could sign up and choose the keyword “Rest” to keep all of their customers in one group.

Simply Ask Your Guest To Sign Up

Asking your guests to sign up to receive text messages is a pretty straight forward thing to do. “Text ‘rest’ to 101010” (as an example, don’t really do that). Now when the Restful Inn wants to text everyone in their group, they’re only composing a single text through the service that relays that text to everyone in the group.

The benefits are amazing. First and foremost, it’s pretty much instant (although some services do allow for text scheduling)


Some examples of when a property could use texting:

  • The attached restaurant is slow
    Hungry? Make your reservation now. Mention this text and get 10% off!”
  • An event in the lobby
    “The magic show will start at 8pm. Arrive early for the best seats!”
  • Occupancy Assurance
    “Book your next stay with us before you check out and receive a 20% discount!”
  • Immediate Information¬†
    “The pool is closed due to a¬†water quality issue. We will advise when it is reopened, approximately 2 hours.”
  • Important Local Events
    “Guests are able to see the rocket launch from the East Parking Lot. The rocket is scheduled for lift off at 8:37 am”

The use list of texting could pretty much go on indefinitely. There are some considerations to put in place; such as how often a location should text their guests. However, texting is still one of the more reliable forms of digital marketing available today.

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