The One Thing You Can Do Right Now To Get Ahead: Start

The One Thing You Can Do Right Now To Get Ahead: Start



Start on whatever it is you have to do. The act of starting a project, any sized project, is an amazing one. Nothing gets done without being started first.

Have a list of things to accomplish today? Get to¬†working on it. Do those dreadful things first, too, and get them out of the way (Of course, don’t forget to have a meeting with yourself first to determine what really needs to be on your to-do list today!)

The Vacancy Sign

The Hotelier looked up at the Vacancy sign, yet again, and wondered just what they needed to do to light up the “NO” in front of it. It had been months since that switch had to be flipped. They looked at the books and were happy enough that bills were being met, and figured that was good enough. Sure, they had heard about Social Media and Facebook and Twitter and all these other things – but that was for kids, and really, they didn’t have the time to learn all of that stuff anyhow. They were busy trying to figure out what they should do to get their occupancy rate up, anyhow.

The advice is simplistic, but so many people put up artificial road blocks and barriers in their way that often times starting is the hardest thing to do. ¬†Excuses don’t get things started. “I’ve got a plan for that” is merely an excuse not to start. If you’ve got a plan, fantastic. Put it into action. Get things rolling.

The Hotelier’s mind wandered as they watched the flow of cars drive past their property, off to some grand adventure today. After all, there’s plenty to do around town – sights to see, places to eat, parks to enjoy, attractions that line people up for hours…if only there was a way to tap into that market segment and get those REVPar Index numbers up.

Thinking about things and planning things helps, but it doesn’t get them done any time sooner.

Getting started on your project puts you ahead of anyone else in your niche. It makes you the front runner; the leader. You’re getting things done – and done is better than perfect.

At Sotellio, our innovative approach to Social Media Marketing empowers your guests to make a difference. We believe the guest experience starts before they even book a stay at your property. Want to learn more? Start by contacting us for more information about how we can help your bottom line.