About Sotellio

Your Social Media, Our Expertise

We know you’re too busy to bother with Social Media.  We know you wish you had more time to focus on it. We know you understand the value that Social Media brings to your business.

We know all this because we’re the local Hoteliers Social Media Experts.


The five areas Sotellio works with to increase your Social Media Footprint

  1. Social Analytics
    We back up what we say with analytics. We know why something worked, and why something failed. The data directs us where to go.
  2. Google My Business
    We take pride in knowing the ins and outs of Google My Business, and ensure that our customers get the most out of it.
  3. Rich Media Inclusion
    Pictures. Videos. Unique Graphics. All of them play a vital role in proper Social Media Management.
  4. Social Engagement
    It’s not enough just to post something online. You need results from those posts. You need to track them. You need to know it’s working.
  5. Multiple Outlets; No Cross Posting
    We do not believe in cross posting. Each Social Media Account will deliver a variant of the same message, appealing to the individual audience of each platform.

Our Services Are For Hire

We believe our plans are affordable, and do offer custom-level services to allow our customers to grow into a plan better suited for them.

Sotellio uses a suite of tools  to provide our customers with the best possible return on their investment. Our success depends on the success of our customers; we don’t take chances with our success.