#8: How To Spot An SEO Scammer

SEO Scam

In Episode #4 of Sotellio, THE podcast for Hoteliers and Social Media Management, Patsy and Andy have a role playing session to show how easy it is to fall prey to an SEO Scammer. Then they go back through everything, step by step, and share exactly what happened with the audience.

If you think you may be a victim of an SEO Scam, let us know. We’ll take a look at what you’ve got going on and give you our professional opinion.


#8: How To Spot An SEO Scammer

Keep Your Posts Simple And Meaningful

Keep Your Posts Simple and Meaningful

Keep Your Posts Simple and MeaningfulKeep your posts simple and meaningful. Remember, you’re not trying to impress anyone with your command of the English language. You’re just trying to share a message, and in doing so, pre-frame your audience’s mindset.

Keeping your post simple and meaningful will allow the reader to easily engage with your post. They can quickly read it, understand it, digest it, and apply it to their day – and then move on with your post in mind. You don’t want your post coming up in conversation later for the wrong reasons – “Oh man, I saw this post today with, like, all these giant words… who are they trying to kid?”. Nobody wants that – nobody.

Also consider what someone might search for online. Are they going to use large multisyllabic words, or short ones? I’d put my money on the latter, if I were a betting man.

Remember your audience though – there are times when the phrase or long word might be JUST the thing they need. As with everything, it’s a balance that you need to test and learn from.


#6 – Social Media Policies & Keeping A Good Attitude

In this episode, Patsy and Andy talk about the importance of keeping an up to date Social Media Policy, as well as a positive attitude in your social media message. Patsy also has her first Sotellio Resort Spotlight after her Staycation here in Orlando, FL.

#6 - Social Media Policies & Keeping A Good Attitude

#5 – What We Do Wrong In Social Media

Join Andy & Patsy as they discuss the main things we do wrong in Social Media, and why it makes us think Social Media doesn’t work.

Also in Episode #5 of Sotellio:

  • Mistakes in Social Media
  • Understanding Why Your Message Fails
  • Top Things We Correct
#5 - What We Do Wrong In Social Media

#4 – Social Media Platform Choices

In episode #4 of Sotellio, Patsy and Andy discuss

  • What Social Media Platforms Should You Be Using
  • How to tell if your social media is actually working
  • When is it ok to replicate content
#4 - Social Media Platform Choices

Google My Business

You Need Google My Business

Orlando Expert For Google My BusinessThe bottom line is that your property needs to be on Google My Business. It’s what people see who are searching for things on their smart phones. It’s what allows people to easily get directions to your establishment, call your location, see reviews, and yes, even post reviews.

People Find Information On Their Phones

And while most hotel/motel accommodations are booked via a laptop or desktop computer, you want to be able to provide your guests with the easiest way possible to find your location once they’re in town – or if they get lost in our wonderful city. If your location is listed in Google My Business, you’re just a  click away – and that’s a good place to be.

Listings on Google My Business get stale. People don’t update them on a regular basis. There isn’t an account manager who’s answering the questions from Google – they continually seek to validate the information listed about your business, and if someone isn’t there to respond to those messages, the account can be removed.

Google My Business is free. Listings don’t cost your company a thing. However, having one done right, and then maintained – well, that’s a different story.

We Are Here To Help You

At Sotellio, we have a proven method to keep the information on your Google My Business listing up to date and relevant. We insure that guest comments and reviews are dealt with in a timely and appropriate manner, we update site photos on a regular basis, and maintain information integrity within the listing itself.

We want to be your partner in success. Our plans start a low as $50 a month, and will ensure that your business is found when people are looking for you.

To find out exactly what Sotellio can do for you, ask about our free consultation. Just contact us today, and we’ll handle the rest.

#3 – Social Media Tips & A Huge ROI

In episode #3 of the Sotellio Podcast, I talk about ways to get back into your social media, I have a site report, and a fantastic ROI opportunity.

#3 - Social Media Tips & A Huge ROI

Always Post About Your Locations Upcoming Events

Post about your upcoming eventsI was attending a medium sized convention at a hotel and struck up a conversation with a couple from the UK who happened to be on Holiday in Orlando. I asked them if they had come just for the Convention, and their answer surprised me; they didn’t even know about the convention until the night before, and only found out about it because they spoke to someone they saw wearing a t-shirt that intrigued them.

What Hotel Are You Staying At For The Convention?

When I asked them if they were staying at the Hotel they said no. They were miles away from it and were taking taxi’s to and from every day. They had considered moving their accommodations but the hotel where they were at had a pretty hefty cancellation fee, and the hotel where the convention was couldn’t help them out with that.

I didn’t get the chance to speak with anyone from the hotel where the Convention was, but I did check their social media and there was no mention of it what-so-ever. This is a huge oversight. For starters, they lost out on potential room bookings, but also lost out on potential future room bookings. You see, no matter how fantastic the location was, the convention being held there was pretty niched, and pretty extreme – with people dressing up in costumes which some may have found disturbing.

Event Communication Is Everything

Letting the public at least have a way to know that an event is happening at your location (or near by it) can serve you in a number of ways;

  • Potential guests will book your location to be close to the event even if they’re not attending it.
  • Other guests who may not want to be close to specific conventions would know ahead of time they’d be better off not booking with you this time (and then not blasting negative comments about it on Social Media).
  • People who are searching for the event will find your posts and links to your own sites and follow them for more information.
  • The event reps themselves will thank you for the extra added exposure for them.

If you have an event coordinator, make sure you’re at least checking with them daily on upcoming events. If they don’t have a unique Twitter or access to posting on your social media platforms, then you’ll need to communicate with them on a very regular basis. It’s not uncommon for events to be pushed on Social Media six months in advance.

Sotellio Is Here To Help

If you’re not sure what your next steps are, we’re here to help. Sotellio’s main goal is to make sure Hotelliers understand the returns they can manifest from Social Media. It’s time to add a level of excellence to your outreach. Contact Sotellio for more information.

This Small Phone Camera Lens Can Make A Huge Difference

Your Social Media Feed craves good pictures, and good pictures come from a decent camera. Adding a small phone camera lens can make a huge difference in the quality of photos your camera is producing. That difference can easily turn into a paying guest at your location.

We previously shared some Tips for using pictures in Social Media, and do recommend that you read that if you haven’t already.

A Small Phone Camera Lens Can Make A Huge Difference

One of the leading decision makers in people booking a room at a location is what the room actually looks like. People want to see pictures of where they’ll be staying or taking their family to stay. Hoteliers will know that getting a good room picture is one of the more difficult things to do. Choices seem to be pretty limited. Either you’ve got a decent camera and enough time and equipment to do it yourself, you can hire a professional photographer to come in and do a room shoot for you, or you just grab a picture with your phone and hope for the best.

That’s how it used to be.

With a phone camera lens, the world of photography tends to open up just a little bit more for smart phone users.  That room picture that was so difficult to get now becomes painless with a wide angle lens attached in front of the camera on your phone. The front sign that looks great but is just too far away to get a good picture of? That’s taken care of with the 10x zoom lens. A picture from the edge of the pool comes alive with the fish-eye lens attachment. The possibilities become endless with the right set of tools for social media pictures.

I’m not discounting the need for a professional photographer, and highly suggest that you invest in at least one professional property shoot for your location. I’m referring to day-to-day social media posts that include pictures. Those are the ones you can spice up a bit with a  phone camera lens and stand out among your competition.

You can pick up that lens kit pictured in this post right here on Amazon.

No Time For Pictures? Sotellio Can Help You

You’re busy running the business, you don’t really have the time or the “eye” for photography – but you know you need pictures for your social media feed. That’s where Sotellio comes in! We’ll handle your property photography, and can even post pictures on a regular basis to your feed. Want to learn more? Just Contact Us today to get the conversation started.

Using Pictures In Social Media

I’m not going to go into the staggering statistics about using pictures in social media, but if you’re interested, here’s an article you can read that has more than enough statistics to go around.

What I will comment on is my personal experience with pictures in social media posts; they work. Using pictures in social media is one of the top ways to engage an audience. Pictures tell a story in an of themselves. But don’t be fooled – you can’t just snap a picture with your cell phone camera and think that it will be the end-all photo for your social media. There are some tips you should follow.

Tips for using pictures in social media

  1. Hold your phone in landscape mode (sideways) for the best picture or video possible.
  2. Make sure something identifying your property is in the picture (if not, use a branding image or watermark of some kind on your photo)
  3. Get the lighting right. It doesn’t need to be perfect, but at least make sure the primary light source is behind your camera, not the subject you are photographing
  4. Learn The Rules of Thirds for photography. That will come in very handy when taking pictures of any kind, but especially for your social media.
  5. Be aware of everything in your frame. If there is trash, a mess, or anything out of place – straighten it up and retake the picture.
  6. Be aware of OSHA and other regulatory bodies. If you happen to take a picture of something on your property that may raise a safety or other concern, best to fix the issue and retake the photo.
  7. Be prepared to have a photo release statement on file for people to sign. Some guests may not want their photo shared on your social media. It’s always best to ask them first, and get a release signed.
  8. Don’t exaggerate or overemphasize something. Pictures taken at specific angles can make objects appear larger or smaller than they really are, leading to a false expectation from your audience – which may be a potential guest – who would then comment about that issue on Social Media.
  9. The subject matter might be boring to you, but it might be the perfect thing someone else needed to see. Sure, the sun sets over your property’s pool every night. When is the last time you took a picture of that to share?
  10. Post at least one picture a day – if not more. I personally try to get at least one picture in a day on my social media accounts. I don’t get one in with every post; but at least one daily.

There are several different types of attachments you can get for your phones – lenses, flashes, stands, remotes – all of which will help take your photography to the next level. We’ll cover that in a later post.

Don’t think you have the time to take photos of your property? Sotellio can help. Just contact us today to get the conversation started.