Being Done Is A Great Feeling – But You’re Never Done

getting things doneBeing able to reach the bottom of your “To Do” list is a fantastic feeling; until you realize that you’re just going to add more to the bottom of the list when you finally get there.

We should all consider taking a collective step backwards and looking at the bigger picture – is everything on our “To Do” list contributing to our final goal? If it’s not, why exactly is it on our list? Could it be delegated to another person or agency? Is it really worth our time?

In consulting with Hoteliers, it’s been noted that many items on their “To Do” lists simply never get done. They’ll roll over to the next day, become past due, and then keep on racking up the past due points. They become unimportant, irrelevant to the day-to-day operations of the property – or so the Hotelier thinks. In truth, those tasks are vitally important to the success of the establishment, but simply go undone because of poor time management.

It’s important to be “Done” – and the best way to be done is to know exactly what tasks need to handled, what tasks need to delegated, and what tasks simply need to managed.

This lesson is particularly important to properties with smaller staffs – knowing what tasks need to be directly handled versus tasks than can be managed is crucial in getting to the bottom of a daily to-do list.

As the business world continues to evolve, there are certain things that Hoteliers must contract out and simply manage. Technology, Social Media, and Entertainment fall easily into this category. A property can get by without serving any food, but will not succeed without the aforementioned items.

Is it possible to reach the end of a “To Do” list? Yes, if it’s managed properly, and reasonable expectations are set. Sotellio understands what it takes to succeed, and our innovative approach to Social Media Marketing can help Hoteliers reach their goals.

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