Budget Minded Ideas To Set Your Property Apart

Dinosaur Themed Hotel RoomNot all properties have a multi-million dollar budget to spend on theming, yet we all want to give our guest a positive experience that will hopefully have them stay on site again in the future.

Since we’re not all blessed with a Theme Park Budget, here are some ideas all properties can implement on a limited budget.

Idea #1 – Photo Spots

One of the easiest ideas to implement, and yet somehow seems to be one I continually recommend to property owners.

Take a corner, or a wall, or any location on your property and dress it up – make it picture worthy.

Instruct guests to take their selfies or family pictures there. Get some signage or offer to take the pictures for them.

In your theming, be sure to include something with your property’s name and web site address.

Idea #2 – Photo Streaming

Want to see your guests having a great time watching themselves on TV? How about seeing your #hashtag all over social media? You can easily do both of those at the same time!

Get an account on either  https://www.the-wallrus.com/ or https://hashslider.com/ (it doesn’t really matter which one, just chose one)

Purchase, or reuse a large TV/Monitor that has HDMI input. (Most smart TV’s these days have that).

Place that large TV in your lobby or common area where guests are sure to stop by. Connect a computer to it that is accessing the account you set up above.

When your guests use your #hashtag, they’ll appear on your TV in the lobby! 

People love seeing themselves on TV, and will be quite happy when they do.

Idea #3 – Combine Idea #1 and Idea #2

Combine the Photo stream with a picture spot, and you double down on your engagement!

If you have access to an internal programming network at your property, consider streaming your hashtag channel there as well.

Provide Incentives For Follows And Likes

provide an incentive for social engagementSave 10% Off Your Next Stay With Us! Free Room Upgrade! Free Buffet just for liking us on our Facebook page!

Your business operates on the happiness of your patrons. If they’re happy, they’ll tell a couple of their friends about the location and recommend that they stay there. If they’re unhappy, they’ll tell anyone who can listen about the problems they had – and they’re quite likely to exaggerate those issues.

Hoteliers will do everything in their power to ensure the guest has a pleasant and happy experience while staying at their location. If they’ve done their job properly, then there should be very little to worry about.

It’s important to capture that happiness via Social Media. Have them like your Facebook page, or leave a review and comment on Google, or just follow you on Twitter, or whatever social media platforms your business is on. Get a picture when them  (don’t forget to have them sign a release) and display it proudly on your pages. Happy customers bring more happy customers.

You can easily provide an incentive for a guest to socially engage your location – you’ve got an arsenal of incentives right around you. Anything from a free meal, to a hat or t shirt, to upgrades, discounts, or comps. If you’ve spoken to your business neighbors, you may even be able to provide something from them as well.

While you don’t want to make the incentive the primary reason the guest is interacting with you, you do want to make their time to do so worthwhile to them.

Need some more ideas on how to engage your audience on Social Media? Contact Sotellio today, and we’ll take care of it for you.


Find Value In Local Businesses

One of the beautiful things about managing a property is the audience you have on a regular basis. Learning how to properly leverage that audience can benefit you in many ways. Here’s some tips on how to Find Value in Local Businesses around you.

Social Media Marketing isn’t all about posting interesting and compelling things online – sometimes it’s about walking off your property and getting to know your neighbors.

Finding Value In Local Businesses

Local Restaurants
Restaurants need patrons to survive.  Speak to the managers of the restaurants within walking or slight driving distance from your property. You can promote their locations, give out coupons, or make recommendations to your guests in exchange for something – like a free meal coupon you can use in an incentive program for your employees.

Local Retailers
It’s safe to say that people buy things when they’re staying away from home. Mementos, keepsakes, or what have you. Your local retailers are more than likely going to carry such items. Talk to them about a coupon program for your guests. In turn, they could provide you and your employees with a discount card for yourselves as well.

Local Services, Attractions, and Excursions
In most cases, there’s “something else” to do around your property than whatever the “main attraction” is. These businesses need people to use them as much as you need them to stay at your location. Whatever service, excursion, or attraction it may be, the offer should always be the same – you can present your guests with a coupon for their services in exchange for a discount or even free passes for your employee incentive program.

You May Need To Give To Get

Keep in mind that you may have to give a little to get a little. The business owner whom you are making an exchange with may ask for a discount in return. Be prepared for this, and be willing to negotiate. The business relationship established will be worth cultivating – and that would easily be worth a weekend stay at your property.

Something to keep in mind is that in order to find the value in local businesses you need to get out and go talk to them. Introduce yourself and your business, and find the common ground where you both can work together to improve each others bottom line.

We’re Here For You

Not sure how to make this happen? Sotellio is here to help. We can even represent your business for you if you’re not feeling up to the challenge! Contact us today, and let’s get the conversation started.