Don’t Count The Hours You Work

don't watch the clockDon’t count the hours you work. Seriously – Don’t. It can be pretty depressing, actually. Instead, focus on the amount of work you’ve gotten done in the time you’ve had to work on things. That paradigm shift in Time Management has made a huge difference in the lives of many of the people I have worked with over the years. We’re all given the same amount of time each day; what we do with ourselves in those hours is what sets us apart from each other.

To help you make this change:

  • Schedule time for yourself in the morning to go over what your day is going to look like.
  • Be honest with yourself and your schedule. Is what you’re doing contributing to the success of your business?
  • Set appropriate amount of time aside for meaningful tasks, and write them down – or consider using one of the many task apps available today.
  • Delegate less important tasks to others, or get rid of them.
  • Protect your time and your calendar. ¬†Unless it’s an emergency, an unscheduled appointment or event can wait until it’s properly scheduled.
  • Schedule time for yourself at the end of your day and go over your accomplishments.

It’s not about how many hours you worked during a shift, it’s about the quality of work you performed during that time.